About our Journey

We 3 childhood friends Mohammed Anas, Irshad Ahmed & Mohammed Abraruddin who studied together in school and college never thought that someday we will establish a company, we lived a simple life just like other youngsters with just little money in our pockets.

In the train...

A day while travelling in a train together we spoke that why cant we do our own business, we thought why can't we do some work which creates revenue for our own, we decided to do a business which will make a client happy throughout the life, a business sector where people dream to build their own customized home, therefore we planned to take small civil and interior contracts.

A 10x10 Room

we didn't had anything with us but just a 10 × 10 room with just 2 chairs in it, every time one of us used to sit down in the floor, later on we got small alteration projects, initially when we started projects we faced many problems, we did couple of big business mistakes, a day came when we thought we can't continue this business anymore, but we learned through our mistakes, later on we thought to do this business in a corporate level with a corporate hierarchy and thought to form a corporate company.

Finally on March 2013

then we decided to rent a little big office, we didn't had anything with us but just little hope that we will succeed someday and therefore on March 2013 we launced our company officially named Arc Infra & Promoters Pvt Ltd and therefore our company came to existence.

Man behind our success!

Later on we worked night and day compromising our sleep and family & finally we achieved what we wanted to, Mohammed Anas contribution towards achieving our goal is just wordless, his hard work can't be explained in words, may be in simple words we can just what we have achieved today is just because of the hard work and dedication of Mohammed Anas, without him we wouldn't have been in this place in what we are now, we got couple of big projects & delivered our best to gain our company name, at present we have completed more than 50 projects and the counting is still going on.