Arc Infra is a creative team of dynamic and enthusiastic architects and interior designers in Chennai. Among the Architecture, Interior and Construction fraternity in Chennai, we’re the most well known designers with in-house expertise of a large team of Qualified Architects, Creative Interior Designers, Talented 3D Visualizers, Experienced Quantity Surveyors and Site Engineers.

Interior design is "the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building" It’s too subjective to the extent, only you can design your space to be in complete harmony with it. We help you do just that! We’ve the most thorough interior design process which helps involve our clients and the users of the space throughout its evolution. We bring our international expertise to design your space along with you, with our photo-realistic 3D visuals to help you make informed designs all the way. Our creative inputs will compliment yours to make the best of both!