We do charge a good fee!

The advantage you have with us is that we’re transparent and flexible based on project constraints and potentials.

We don’t charge the traditional way

The most common method is to charge a percentage on the total building cost. Though this sounds easy, we don’t prefer the uncertainty part of it. And honestly, our quantum of work is independent of whether you lay marbles on the floor or leave it with ceramic tiles. We charge on Per sq. ft. basis and arrive at the figure right at the start of the project.

We follow the pricing standards set by the COA

Council of Architecture is the legal body covering the practicing aspects of licensed architects like us. We charge in proportion to the standards set by COA – Nothing more and nothing less. This ensures that you don’t pay over what the Govt. recommends. And neither do we get paid below the standards.

We charge in proportion to the time and effort we put in

Design is intangible – Difficult to quantify or justify when it comes to scaling charges. Our expenses come from the expertise we’ve in our team to deliver the best. Our charges would be based on the resources, their efforts and the time they put in your project.

We don’t simply give a rough sketch

Honestly, we don’t provide rough sketches. Designing is a time consuming process to experiment between various possibilities and to arrive at the right solution. We require time and commitment from the client to unleash our full creative potential in to the project on the design table. Out proposal will always be well thought and exhaustive. We’ll make sure that you spend your money the best way.

500 to 5 Lakh square feet? No problem!

Scale is no deal breaker for us. Your space is never too small or too big to work on. All we’ll ask for is some creative freedom and apt compensation for the resources and efforts we put in. We’ve done projects as small as a few hundred sft to the one which scaled upto 5 lakhs sft.

No hidden costs or under table dealings

We’re an ethical firm and would prefer to remain the same forever. We neither try to make some money behind your back nor would we surprise you with unannounced additional charge. We transfer all the benefits the contractors and vendors offer us, directly to you.

We don’t charge for revisions. Neither we complain

Ideas evolve over time. We appreciate that. As long as we revise a design to make the product look better, we don’t complain. Even if it burns a hole in our pocket, we don’t buckle in. Honestly, your building is our business-card. We care as much as you do.

We maximize your investment

A well thought product serves much better than a normal one. Design costs are never the place to start cost-cutting when it comes to fitting a project to a specific budget. Our skills and expertise can save a lot of cost and time for you which will in return maximize the benefits of your investment in the longer run.